The Best Kept Secret on Planet Earth is the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club

Would you believe that it is possible for you to pay as much for a weeks vacation as others do for a single night stay at a Resort?

Would you believe that you could save as much as 85% compared to the general public pricing when you belong to a Private Vacation Club offering below Wholesale Rates?

Would you believe that for under $20 per month and a one time initiation fee you can enjoy a Lifetime of Vacation Savings that nobody Dreamed Possible ?

Too Good To Be True !
A membership that pays for itself the first time you use it. A membership that allows you access to over 5,000 Resorts worldwide with a guarantee you will never pay more than $699 per week regardless of the accommodations, including one bedroom suites.
A membership that is affordable and a membership that is a "Living Benefit" for any person who works all year to enjoy that one or two weeks away from the job on vacation with family or friends. 
Believe Me, It's true -
                               just ask any one of our 100,000 Club Members 
The Best Kept Secret but it only works if you take advantage of it and join our Club !

Our Travel & Vacation Club pays for itself regardless of your membership level and this is true from our Basic Membership with monthly due of $12 to our Shareholder Membership with monthly dues of $1,200. 

Our Best Membership ( SG Platinum Plus ) is a perfect example.  Our Platinum Plus Members enjoy up to a 50% discount on the SG Resorts Select Caribbean Vacation Villas.  At Villa Lazy Heart which rents for $3,000 per night, this equates to a $1,500 per night discount or $10,500 per week.  Now when you consider  the cost of membership was $7,995 and the discount was $10,500 you can clearly see why we say the Membership pays for itself. 

Villa Lazy Heart is a 10.5 acre oceanfront estate on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic with 10 Bedroom Suites - The cost per couple when booked with a SG Resorts Member sharing the rental is only $150 per night per couple.  Cheaper than staying in a Hotel and you are at a Dream Location enjoying a Dream Vacation. 

Watch My Video about the Travel & Vacation Club.  

Our Travel & Vacation Club is considered to be a LIVING BENEFIT for basically every person with a Job who enjoys getting away at least one or two weeks per year on what most call a VACATION.

Just register you email and contact number with me and I will send you a FREE Vacation Certificate for a Bahamas Cruise.  If you already rented one of my properties you already know my reputation and I will also send you a FREE Vacation Certificate for a Bahamas Cruise. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon. - Mily 

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