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I am only presenting you with my most popular rentals on this site.

My family has been in the Hospitality Industry for almost 50 years and I am the second generation daughter-in-law to the Company Founder. The rentals I have listed  on this site are all family owned properties and my personal favorite.  These are the properties that we as a family enjoy on our vacations. 

We also sell or offer the alternative to owning a traditional vacation home where you may spend a million dollars for a vacation home to only use it a few weeks or a month or two out of the year while you pay 52 weeks of ownership expenses.  I can show you the 2018 SG ALTERNATIVE to TRADITIONAL VACATION HOME OWNERSHIP where you will save tens of thousands in ownership costs and achieve a much higher value for your purchase dollar.  Just call me to set up an appointment to see what you can have as a member of the Schecher Group Owners Club (SGOC) which is a non-profit Organization devoted to the Vacation & Travel Industry.   

You can see from my guest reviews that I take what I do very seriously and making sure your vacation with us is the best it can be is what I do. 

I look forward to hearing from you and I ask that you register your basic contact information on this so we can keep in touch and I can send you some fantastic rental specials when they POP UP from time to time 

Renting or Buying 

I am here to help you get the best deal possible !

If your goal is to have an affordable Dream Vacation, I will do everything possible to make your next vacation at my rental property the best ever. 

If your goal is to get the best deal possible on a new vacation condo or home, I guarantee I can save you a ton of money and put you into a property you would not even consider or afford.  I will make it not only affordable but a reality for you and your family. 

I ask - "Why buy a vacation property and use it for only a couple of weeks during the year but spend 52 weeks of ownership costs like taxes, insurance, maintenance, condo fee, and more ?  Why ? "

I will show you a much better alternative that will get you a property beyond belief at prices you can afford.

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